Admissions Process

Admissions Process

1. Payment is due before or at the time of admission. Once the client is admitted, we do not offer refunds for the first month. It is recommended that new residents commit to the program for at least 3 months.

Wire: If you choose to make a direct wire transfer please inform our financial administrator and we will call you or send a secure email with our bank information.
Check: If you send a check please make it out to “Next Step Behavioral Houston” and send to the following address:

Next Step Behavioral Houston
Attention: Dr. Rosalind Smith
3124 Prospect st., Houston, Texas 77004

2. Legal documents. Although we do not need any original legal documents, we do need copies of the following:
a. Driver’s License or state issued ID/Picture ID
b. Social Security card
c. Insurance card. Medicare/Medicaid card/etc.

3. Past facility, hospitalization or other medical or psychiatric evaluation papers. Next Step Behavioral Houston (NSBH) would like to have all copies of any information we can get about the history of the client. This information helps us with treatment and therapy of the client.

4. Admission Papers. All forms for admission are located under the “Application Form” tab. Please fill them out, fax or bring them on admission day.
5. Express Pay. Please call or go to the Healthy Strides Pharmacy at 281-888-2235 to ensure set up for Express Pay so we are able to pick up medications or have it delivered for the client whenever needed.
Healthy Strides Rx Pharmacy 4401 Emancipation Ave, Houston Texas 77004

6. Medications. If you have any medications or prescriptions (current or past) for the client please bring them.
7. Personal Items. Please bring the clients personal items which would include clothes, shoes, radio player, undergarments, and any specialized hygiene or beauty products that they may use. Please refer to the list on our website for additional approved items to bring. Items brought that are not on the approved list will be mailed back at the families expense.

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