About Next Step Houston

What Makes Next Step Behavioral Houston Unique?

Our Residential Homes:

Entrusting the care of a loved one to a mental health provider is an important decision, and the process of selecting the right provider can be overwhelming. Next Step Behavioral Houston offers personalized residential care that sets us apart from the rest. We understand there is “no place like home,” but we do our best to provide an atmosphere that is as comfortable as home. Next Step provides an intimate residential setting that limits the number of residents in one dwelling to provide residents with individualized attention and mitigate the triggering of adverse behaviors. Providing a smaller residential setting allows our interdisciplinary staff to provide more 1:1 care, which enable residents to receive the help they need, when they need it.

Our Wellness Program:

We go beyond addressing only our residents’ mental health needs. At Next Step Behavioral Houston, we believe there is a correlation between mental health, nutrition, and physical activity. For this reason, we offer a wellness program to encourage our residents to take ownership of their health. Residents are offered daily menu options that consist of nutritional meals.

We require residents to actively participate in the supervised preparation of these healthy meals to develop life skills essential to independent living. Also, Next Step encourages all residents to participate in scheduled exercise-related activities to combat the health risks associated with the sedentary lifestyle often experienced in other treatment programs. We promote healthy living, because we believe when residents exercise and eat nutrient-rich foods, they begin to feel better – physically and mentally.

Core Values (5 C's):

It is Next Step Behavioral Houston’s belief that everyone is entitled to a healthy, happy and productive life. We believe, despite life’s obstacles, our residents are capable of overcoming any challenges they may face. Through partnership with a dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to providing the best Customer Service to our residents and their families. The cornerstones of the services we provide are respect and understanding. It is also through timely and effective Communication that our residents and family members feel listened to and well-informed. This effort of effective communication lessens moments of frustrations. Also, in our efforts to work with residents, we believe it is of the utmost importance to be Consistent in our delivery of programs in order to maintain the integrity of the agency at all times. It is our pledge to serve every resident with the highest level of Commitment, regardless of his/her ability or personal struggles.
Lastly, we strive to create an environment where our staff and network of professional partners serve our residents with Compassion.

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Taking Care of Your Mental Health

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