Residential Treatment for Adults


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The Resident fee for Next Step Behavioral Houston is currently $385 per day and is subject to change at any time but would be preceded by a written notice to the resident and/or financially responsible party at least 30 days prior to such change. This fee covers private room and board, program services, psychiatric services and local transportation. It does not include expenses for medication, medical or dental visits, private therapy, personal expenses, special transportation beyond fifty miles round trip, or temporary one-on-one staff coverage ($30/hr).

If the Resident is absent or on leave from the program, the standard fee will continue to be charged in the Resident's absence to maintain the Resident's place for up to thirty days. If the Resident does not return or confirm in writing his/her desire to continue in the program, termination from same will occur.

In the event that a Resident is discharged from the Ranch for hospitalization or medical necessity and the family wishes to hold a place at the Ranch in anticipation of returning, a charge of one-half the normal daily rate will be charged for the first twenty-one days. After that time, if the family still wishes to hold the place, the full $385 daily rate will be charged.


Please come prepared to pay the first thirty days’ fee ($11,550) on the day of the resident’s arrival. Because of the initial effort involved in admissions, thirty (30) days of the fee or $11,550 is not refundable. Should a Resident come to the Ranch in the middle of a month, a portion of the initial fee will be credited to the Resident's second month.

After the nonrefundable period has expired (30 days) the per diem rate applies. Families will be reimbursed for any overage if a resident leaves mid billing cycle. It is expected that all fees be paid in full upon discharge.

Statements are sent out around the 25th of each month. A statement includes the fee for the coming month, as well as any expenses incurred by the Resident in the previous month. We ask that all balances be paid by the 10th of the month. There is no charge for a Resident’s first day and overnight. However, 2 NSBH Financial Information & Service Agreement 5.2015.doc

the last day of a Resident’s stay is billed at the full rate regardless of the time of departure. A 1% per month service charge will be imposed on all balances unpaid thirty days after the invoice date.


Most Residents receive a weekly allowance of spending money paid for by the family. This amount is determined at the discretion of the Resident and his/her family. The allowance for the month is billed in the monthly statement for the coming month. Please note that some months have five (5) Fridays and will be billed accordingly. Allowance covers a Resident’s personal needs such as toiletries, cost for ancillary activities and sundry items.

Health Insurance:

Next Step Behavioral Houston is a private pay facility and is not contracted with any insurance company. We do not participate in any third party billing, nor are we able to provide details other than our monthly invoice for self-submittal purposes. Insurance does typically pay for medications, normal medical expenses and some private therapy.

Please bring the health insurance card. This information is very important if a Resident needs to see a medical doctor, dentist, therapist, or needs to go to the hospital. It is the responsibility of the Resident or family member to provide this information at the time of admission.

Some Residents come with Medicaid or Medicare or are eligible for these programs. Next Step Behavioral Houston needs to be aware of this information as well. Medicaid/Medicare does not cover the cost of residential treatment, and out-of -state Medicaid typically will not cover any expenses which are incurred in Vermont.


The Next Step Behavioral Houston fee does not cover pharmacy bills. NSBH works primarily with one pharmacy in Rutland and we assist families to arrange for payment directly to that pharmacy at the time of admission. Whenever possible, the pharmacy will bill the Resident's health insurance. Please be aware that sometimes the pharmacy is unable to bill out of state insurance companies.

Please note there is a monthly medication management fee of $30 which covers the pharmacy cost of pouring medication according to the psychiatrist’s orders. This will appear as a separate line item on your bill each month and is not covered by insurance.

Medical Doctor Visits:

Next Step Behavioral Houston has a full-time med room staff supervised by a Registered Nurse who are responsible for coordinating Residents' doctor visits. If the Resident has health insurance we will provide that information on to the 3 Ranch Financial Information & Service Agreement 5.2015.doc

doctor's office. Otherwise, NSBH will forward the bill to the address provided on the Billing Form. In the event there is a co-pay required for the appointment and it cannot be billed by the provider, we will add this to your next bill.


Next Step Behavioral Houston can assist Residents in finding local therapists for additional and/or specialty therapy. Such visits are considered to be separate from the NSBH program and will be treated in the same way as medical doctor visits.


Next Step Behavioral Houston charges Residents for long-distance phone calls. Because of our phone company's billing cycle, the month that we bill for may be 2 months behind. Long distance calls are billed at a rate between 5 and 8 cents a minute depending on where the recipient is located. This is a direct charge from Vermont telephone and includes no profit to the Ranch. Families may investigate other calling card options which may be less expensive.

We do not allow residents to have cellphones at NSBH as it is a distraction to treatment but we do make available land line phones throughout the campus and in each resident house on each floor. By signing this agreement you understand and accept this condition.

Please also note that Residents will be held financially responsible for damage to rooms, furniture, and equipment beyond the normal wear and tear.