Residential Treatment for Adults 18 and older


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Admissions Criteria - Next Step Behavioral Houston

The criteria for admission into the program for all newcomers will be based on their ability to participate voluntarily and benefit from the services we offer.   Next Step Behavioral Houston is a private pay agency.  This means, we do not participate as an in-network provider with insurance companies.  However, as an out-of-network provider, some services are billable and families will have the opportunity to seek reimbursements from their insurance company.  Unfortunately, we do not work directly with the insurance companies on your behalf but we will provide you with a monthly invoice of services provided.

If you or your family member meets the admission criteria listed below, please call us.  We are ready to discuss our treatment program and began the healing and growth work.

Admission Criteria:

• Age 18 or older
• Diagnosed as having a mental illness
• Ability to self-administer medications under the staff supervision
• Ability to participate in treatment programming and services
• No medical conditions that requires ongoing nursing care 24/7
• Maintains personal hygiene and grooming with staff supervision
• Can perform assigned household chores with staff supervision
• Performs assigned household chores with and without staff supervision
• Can maintain cleanliness of private room and shared bathroom space

Special Admission Criteria: This level of service will require potentially additional support supervision or assistance; therefore, the assessment period fees will be higher for the first month until stepdown determination is made by the clinical team. See Fee page.

• Imminent, un-stabilized or persistent behaviors posing danger to self or others (suicidal, aggressive or self-injurious) and possibly requiring more supervision.
• Chronic inappropriate behavior which disrupts, or could potentially disrupt, the facility’s activities or is harmful to self or others.
• Current misdemeanor legal charges or court ordered.
• Any person with recent or current arson or fire setting behavior.