Residential Treatment for Adults


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Assessment - Next Step Behavior Houston

Upon admission into our treatment program, residents will go through the first phase which is considered the assessment period. During this time the following will take place with the resident (not in order):

• Introduction of staff, tour of site, Q/A
• Observation based on behavioral need
• Psycho-social assessment completed
• Treatment Plan completed
• Assigned a primary therapist
• Family contact for psychosocial information
• Intensive therapy
• Daily group therapy
• Vitals and weight taken
• Stabilization
• Medication assessment
• Psychiatric Assessment
• Any lab work requested by psychiatrist
• Updated physical exam, if not current

The clinical team will also be assessing the major areas of function/dysfunction:
• Biological~ the impact of a mental (or other) illness on the functioning, thinking and problem-solving skills of the resident.
• Developmental~ the level of emotional maturation. The highest and current level achieved by the client of emotional functioning.
• Behavioral~ the types of behaviors the clients use (past and present) to cope with social, biological and emotional discomfort.
• Medication Assessment~ Needs assessment based on past and current use
• Substance Abuse~ We assess both the past and current levels of substance use