Residential Treatment for Adolescents and Adults


3124 Prospect st, Houston, Tx 77004

Next Step Behavioral Houston (NSBH)  is proud to serve adolescent girls (ages 12 to 17) who meet the diagnostic criteria. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals will admit all residents based on an assessment and their individual needs.

What You Can Expect from our residential program is a structured program which includes a weekly schedule of established wake up times, bedtimes, chores and scheduled meals.  This helps in establishing a daily routine and personal responsibilities for self.  Each individual share a bedroom with at least two other residents.  The number of individuals in one house on average range from 6 to 10.

NSBH will provide quality care for girls who have:

  •  Conduct disorder
  •  Attention deficit disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Authority problems
  • Mild intellectual disability
  • Low Self-Image
  • Oppositional defiant behavior disorder
  • Intermittent explosive disorder
  • Easily Angered
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Stealing
  • Mild behavioral disorder
  • Poor peer relations
  • Been abused/neglected/abandoned
  • Family issues
  • Have minor infractions with law enforcement
  • The ability to benefit from the group setting and program

Description of Programs:

Our Treatment Team creates an individualized course of growth and development for each resident using a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment services. Services include:

  •  24-hour intensive treatment
  • Therapeutic care from trained staff in behavioral interventions and child development
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Community and family living skills using socialization and recreational therapeutic approaches
  • Social assessments
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Therapeutic recreational services
  • Medical and dental examinations and treatment
  • Preparation for adult living skills
  • Nutritional services
  • Medication management
  • After-care services
  • Substance abuse services
  • Human Sex Trafficking education
  • Vocational training
  • Money management